Monday, May 9, 2011


After I had carefully applied my new 'Red Revolution' lipstick I nervously readjusted my dress...or should I say dresses. It was my senior prom. Some girls plan for months–others just weeks–for this big night. There are so many things to consider–hair, nails, shoes, a date (crucial), and of course the dress. Some girls agonize about what dress to wear, others pay a fortune for just the right one. I went a step further and wore not one, but two dresses. Yes, I said two, though this dual dress decision wasn't entirely what I had in mind for my senior prom. The 60th day of my 'One Dress Campaign' was thus far the hardest-but definitely a good one. I felt like an oxymoron when I slipped my red and black renaissance princess gown (my dream dress) over my simple worn out grey dress. I knew I had committed to wearing the grey dress everyday...a high school dance is no exception.

My friends' mom asked politely why I had a shirt under my dress. She thought I was trying to be more conservative. And although that wasn't the original intent (just a byproduct) I was able to share a little bit about my commitment and about the issue. I didn't want to be a drag at prom...talking about slavery and such...but I'm glad I got to share a little with her.

Even without saying anything, people around me were conscious of the dress. Comments like: "Doesn't he look like a pimp" would quickly be followed by "Oh man...sorry Emily." I wasn't personally offended, but their apology meant that they now had a new association with the word 'pimp'. Our cultural glorification of pimps and 'hoes' has only made the commercial sex industry more accessible and yes, even acceptable.

By the end of the night I was very glad to have the grey dress on. It sparked one conversation and reminded a few people to rethink culturally acceptable language. And honestly, it wouldn't have felt right to go without it on. I've grown fond of my unshapely grey dress. The end of my senior year has been turbulent, draining and wonderful, but my dress is the consistent variable through it all. I'm glad my memories of senior prom will include my little oxymoronic dress.

                                               Prom night with three of my best friends!
                        I just like this ma said it looks a bit Aubrey Hepburn like!
Now admire my mom's artistic talent. Yes she did my hair in a mohawk of curls. I loved it!


  1. beautiful! you look great. : )

  2. What are you wearing on your lips? :)

  3. Thank you!
    I wore Revlons 'Red Revolution' lipstick. I'm really getting into lip color these just seems so classy!