Saturday, May 19, 2012

One Down

I just finished my first year of University. One down-three to go.
Everybody says that college flies by quicker than you realize...I never believed them until now. I remember move in day like it was yesterday. It was a blazing 90 degrees, I was breaking out, and my freshly straightened hair was grow larger and wavier by the minute (making for a rather unfortunate and lasting school ID photo).

My dorm was the size of a small closet but I came to love that place. My floor of girls became known around campus for our close knit friendships. I found my best friends on that floor. We all left our doors open and unlocked at all times. Admittedly, not the most secure situation but we trusted each other and we always had access to one another. I always had a friend to talk to, laugh or cry to and procrastinate with on that floor. I will miss those lovely women very much.

                                           The frist week. We bonded ridiculously quickly.

This year was full of discovery, growth, and maturity. I came into school with bright eyes and an open heart. I'm leaving this year with a slightly older heart, a bit tired from my travels, but very grateful for them all. I've certainly made mistakes, and I've undoubtedly met great grace. I've met people who inspire me, challenge me and love me. I've learned more of what it means to live in community and love others--even when it's hard. I'm still learning to love myself. I have known myself this year on a deeper level than before. I took risks (including but not limited to, cutting off all my hair!). I was sometimes honest and sometimes fearful. I found a new and vibrant passion for the theatrical arts and poetry. I was homesick often, and should have called my mom more frequently. I knitted more than I ever have, and I bought my first museum membership (worth every penny).

                                              My hair was even shorter than this in the fall!

I can't justly communicate the ramifications of this entire year, for they have been great in number and significance. But possibly the most important truth that I am beginning to see clearer because of this year, is the truth of God's faithfulness. He was faithful when I first moved into that closet dorm, my roommate and I affectionately named The Knook (pronounced 'nook'). He was faithful through every discovery of self, and He was faithful through every homesick night. He was faithful even when I turned away and even when I made mistakes. He has been faithful in every season of this year, and He is faithful to me now in this new season.

  Maybe I'm naively only remembering the good things about dorm life..but I really will miss this place!

I will miss a lot of things about my freshman year (the knook, my floor of girls, countless hotpot meals), and it really did fly by right before my eyes, but I accept that it's time for a new season. This year was not without it's fact it wasn't an easy year at all. But now is a time for resting, and what better place to rest than in the Lord!
God has blessed me, protected me and always been faithful to me.
My heart is full of gratitude, and that's a peaceful place to be.

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  1. Love this. It all flashed by. So. Quick. And, yes, you should call your mother more often. :)

    "undoubtedly met great grace" good stuff